Plans Change: Sara + Tyler’s Wedding

Sara + Tyler were married March 27th, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their wedding plans had gone from 190 people down to 10, myself included in the count. Tyler’s Dad, a tech savvy person, would live stream their wedding ceremony for any family and friends to be apart of their day. It would also be the first wedding I have photographed while wearing a face mask. About a half hour before I left my house to head to the church, I received a text from Tyler’s cousin. She told me that family members and friends were going to be outside the church after the ceremony ended to honk their horns and cheer for the couple in a socially safe show of support. It was a beautiful day. The ceremony went off without a hitch and Sara and Tyler were brought to tears with all the honking and We love You’s shouted from family members. Afterwards I photographed their portraits around the church and gave a distant air hug to them as they left. Sara and Tyler plan to have their reception on September 25th so they can party it up with their 190 original guests. Congratulations Sara + Tyler! Enjoy your days at home as Mr. and Mrs. Boudreau ❤️