Lauren + Brett: South Boston Engagement Session

Lauren and Brett are history buffs. They wanted to have their engagement session at some of the historical locations around their neighborhood in South Boston. It made for an amazing Saturday morning with wind swept salty sea air and a beautiful sun kissed landscape. I met them at their home in Southie and then we headed to Thomas Park. The park has commanding views of the city of Boston and is also the location of one of the great battles during the Revolutionary War. Next we traveled to Harbor Park near the UMass campus to get a view of the Boston Harbor. Lauren and Brett are completely in love! They were giggling nonstop and totally excited to be finally having their engagement session. After our session they were going to rest up a little before joining their friends for a pub crawl engagement party. I have a feeling their 4th of July wedding weekend is going to be off the hook! I can’t wait! Congrats Lauren and Brett!

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